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Triple Dare (CSSOff 2011) (2011)

Mobile / responsive design; development

For the 2011 UnmatchedStyle CSSOff competition, the designers at Paravel created this single-page design for a fictional TV show, "Triple Dare". Contestants in the CSSOff had to convert a PSD of the design into a fully-working site, with a panel of judges scoring each contestant on the quality of their markup, its usability and appearance across multiple devices and browsers, total file size and more.

In approaching this challenge, I started with a mobile re-design of the layout, progressively adding styling to end up at the design as provided. CSS3 allowed me to size images appropriately for every screen size, and heavily-optimized 8-bit PNG images provided small file sizes (as well as transparency support in Internet Explorer 6). I used CSS3 3D transforms to create fun interactive effects, and a small amount of JavaScript to animate the countdown timer at the bottom of the page.

The result is a fast-loading site that is extremely light on file size, making for a site that works well on everything from a mobile phone to a widescreen TV.

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