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005: Art House Cinema (2010)

Design and development

Today, I present Design 005, a re-imagining of the Miami Beach Cinematheque‘s website. The MBC currently has a Flash-powered website that also links in a boilerplate ticket ordering site from I liked the style of the existing site, but the use of Flash didn’t add anything to the site, while simultaneously making the site harder to update and totally unusable on the iPhone. So, I sought to re-work the site’s overall feel using only CSS3 and JavaScript, while updating the layout to entice new visitors. The site’s title in the upper-left is positioned using CSS3 Transforms, rotating the headers -5 degrees and giving them 20 pixels of top margin to keep them legible. This solution degrades nicely in browsers that don’t support (all of) CSS3, appearing as standard, horizontal headers. The headers are also given a transparent background with RGBA color. The site uses the excellent Museo font for its headers thanks to Cufón. The site navigation in the upper right has rounded corners thanks to border-radius, and the same transparent background as the headers. The current film section is set to a fixed height with overflow: auto to get vertical scrolling. I chose this setup because it allows visitors not as interested in the current film to see that there is additional content underneath without scrolling, while allowing interested readers to learn more about the film without clicking to a new page. Upcoming films are presented with their film posters and the dates of their showings below the current film. The background image for the site comes from the 1923 Harold Lloyd film “Safety Last!“, chosen because I feel it evokes a sense of whimsy and a connection to film history. The original image from the film was given a color overlay layer and some artistic filters in Photoshop to help it blend into the background.

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