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001: Florida Grand Opera (2010)

Design and development

As the first full week of 2010 comes to a close, I have one new design to add to my portfolio. I set two new designs per week as my New Years’ resolution for this year, and I plan to fulfill my original goal of 104 new designs this year even if I don’t strictly stick to the 2-per-week scheme. On to the design itself. For my first design, I re-did the website for the Florida Grand Opera. The original FGO site was quite good, but it didn’t do much to inform interested ticket buyers about what was currently being performed or how to buy tickets. My re-worked design moves the side navigation to a horizontal bar across the top of the site, using the freed-up space to display news items instead and leaving the main content area for displaying information about the currently-scheduled performance. Click the image to interact with the new design; you can also see the original site. Is this design perfect? Hardly. There are a large number of items from the original site that I left out in creating this new design which would have to be added back – sponsor logos across the bottom, links to Facebook and other social media sites, and the PDF brochure (which, compared to the original website, is simply stunning – I was very surprised that more of the PDF’s assets were not used to create their website). But for a week of on-and-off effort, I’m pleased with the result.

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