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Suplexing the Ghost Train

Published on April 17, 2014 in Advice


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In one of my favorite moments of Final Fantasy VI (released in the US as Final Fantasy III), our intrepid heroes - martial artist Sabin, chivalrous knight Cyan, and mercenary ninja Shadow - find themselves aboard the "Phantom Train", which travels along dilapidated railways, carrying the souls of the dead to "the other side." The three work their way from the caboose, through several cars full of ghosts, to the locomotive engine. The engine tells them that it will not allow them to block its progress, and a fight begins.

The scene becomes a side view - the heroes running to the left as fast as possible, railroad tracks flying by beneath them, and the Phantom Train bearing down upon them from the right. The Train attacks by blowing its horn and launching gears; Shadow retorts by throwing weapons, Cyan uses sword techniques.

And then there's Sabin.

Sabin is introduced to us as a student (recently) without a teacher, the heir apparent to his former master's school of martial arts. So, when fighting the Phantom Train, Sabin does what comes naturally to him.

He suplexes a train.

Literally, Sabin can run over to the train, pick it up, and jump far enough into the air to disappear off the top of the screen, only to return (still holding the train, which has now flipped upside-down) and slam it into the ground.

Needless to say, this generally ends the fight.

Why is this moment so great?

Simple. This is exactly what so many of us wish we could do - when confronted with a seemingly insurmountable problem, launch it into the air and beat its face into the dirt.

Whatever you're facing, go suplex it. You'll be glad later.