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On Working in Academia (and Blogging)

Re-evaluate what your goals actually mean.

Dieter Rams' 10 Principles of Good Web Design

Rules for good site design.

Using Alternating Classes in Sinatra Templates

Because a zebra-striped table is a terrible thing to lose.

Better. Faster. Stronger.

Gentlemen, we can rebuild it. The new Arbor Web Solutions is born.

On Learning to Play Guitar

Make your time count.

Text Editors in Lion, and a Quick Update

In which I talk about coming home to Vim, and spill some details on what's next for Arbor Web Solutions.

On Reinventing the Wheel

Research beats experimentation.

Android Tablets as a Reflection of the Early 2000's Laptop Market

Why a gimmick - even a really good gimmick - won't win you sales.

Nevermind the Cufón, Here's the @font-face

For most users, Cufón is dead. Upgrade to the standard that's been in place since IE4.

Digital Publishing with EPUB

Follow-up on my Design Miami talk.

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