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Using Alternating Classes in Sinatra Templates

Because a zebra-striped table is a terrible thing to lose.

Nevermind the Cufón, Here's the @font-face

For most users, Cufón is dead. Upgrade to the standard that's been in place since IE4.

Comprehensive Guide to Using Cufón Text With Raphaël

How to add some TTF to your SVG.

TRouBLe and LoVe/HAte Relationships

These simple rules will keep your link styles under control.

5 Tips for WordPress Theming

Follow these tips, and your next WordPress theme will be a piece of cake.

Controlling Your Design on the Web, Part 2: Progressive Enhancement and Graceful Degradation

Make something that works in every browser, even if it's not as pretty.

Controlling Your Design on the Web, Part 1: Browser Grading

Focus your A-game where it counts.

Web Hosting Demystified, Part 2

What you need to know about your hosting company's "extras".

Web Hosting Demystified, Part 1

The basics of hosting companies and hosting plans.

Online Advertising: An Overview

How to place (and display) ads with Google.

Web Design and Development: The Mile-High View

How sites are made - from idea to launch.

Semantic HTML From the Ground Up

Let the richness of the full HTML standard do the heavy lifting for you.

Creating a jQuery Animated Header

Using easing to create animation effects.