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AWS 6.0

It's been a while since I did a redesign. I'm liking this one a lot.

WordCamp Miami 2012: Structured Content in WordPress

More information about my talk at WordCamp Miami 2012.

Better. Faster. Stronger.

Gentlemen, we can rebuild it. The new Arbor Web Solutions is born.

Digital Publishing with EPUB

Follow-up on my Design Miami talk.

Retailers Finding Customers Are "All Thumbs"

Mobile is more important than you think.

Responsive Design is an Official W3C Recommendation

More than just a passing fad, responsive design is here to stay.

WordPress 3.1.1 Now Available

Get your update on.

Apple's True Competitor

Is Apple's first real competitor Amazon?

CapitalOne Japanese Quake & Tsunami Relief

Ruby Saves Tokyo

Tech being put to good use.

WordCamp Miami 2011

Follow-up on my talk this morning.

WordCamp Miami 2011 Sneak Preview

What's coming this weekend at WordCamp.

It's Alive!

Arbor Web Solutions enters the responsive era.

What Is The What

Moving "104 Designs" to the back burner.

Design 006: Local Newspaper

Giving a community institution a revamp.

Design 005: Art House Cinema

CSS3 transforms, RGBA colors, and fun with overflow: scroll.

Design 004: South Florida Real Estate

A two-way slider to show off luxury condos.

Design 003: Car Dealership

A design for the fictional Miami Toyota.

Design 002: Psychologist Website

Off to a good start. Only 102 more to go!

New Year, New Theme

Thoughts on making this site even better.

New Year's Resolutions for Designers

Making the most of a new year of opportunities.

Phase 1 Complete

All systems go.

Downtime Today

Sorry for the interruption.

Hello, World!

It's here!