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Suplexing the Ghost Train

When things get tough, suplex them.

On Getting Better At Your Craft

Put your effort where it can do the most good.

On Atomizing and Sharing Content

Content longs to be shared, and in the process it loses its form.

On Making Stuff

Make, don't just take.

On Making Your Own Olympics

Don't be afraid to challenge conventional wisdom.

On Working in Academia (and Blogging)

Re-evaluate what your goals actually mean.

On Learning to Play Guitar

Make your time count.

On Reinventing the Wheel

Research beats experimentation.

On Working Without a Contract

Contracts come up-front, every time.

On "Silver Bullets"

Keep making things.

On Testing Your Competitors

Keep an eye on what others are doing.

So You're Stuck In a Rut. What Now?

How to get back in the saddle when you lose your creative mojo.

Perfect Apostrophes and Freelance Work

Spend more time doing, and less time preparing to do.