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jQuery animated header

Using easing to create animation effects.

jQuery animated header

As you may have noticed, I've replaced the header for this website with an animated header. "How does that work?," you might say. "How did you get Flash animation on my iPhone?," you might say. Well, the answer is simple -jQuery and its easing plugin.

Each animated piece of the header is a separate image file, and CSS is used to absolutely position each image outside of the header div. Then the jQuery kicks in, and animates the "top" property for each image. The floating crown image animates from a max value to a min value and back again using jQuery's setTimeout function.

Interested in doing something like this yourself? There's a very useful (and quite cool) tutorial on making animated postcards with jQuery at Build Internet. When you get an urge to send someone an e-card, make one yourself instead - that way you can put it in your portfolio too.